We believe that our purpose in life is to connect with each other. We strive toward achieving this by capturing beautiful moments that inspire love, beauty, and happiness.


Within any five minutes of your wedding day, without any stylists or art directors, I am a portrait photographer, fashion photographer, photojournalist, landscape photographer, product photographer, and commercial photographer. That is something all of my clients rely on me for. That's why I love to photograph weddings. 

Photography began for me when I was a child. My dad travelled the world through the Peace Corps in the 80's and documented life's moments with his classic film camera. I knew at a very young age that photography was something I was passionate about- unfortunately for me however, my dad refused to let me touch any of his expensive equipment since I was just a kid. But my love for the art never died. 

While my father was photographing life's moments, my mother was painting life's memories. Her creative passion for drawing and painting far surpassed that of any artist I had ever encountered. That was until I lost her to cervical cancer, my freshman year in high school. Amidst my devastation, I was left with the most important decision of my life: to let the pain of losing her destroy me and ruin my future, or let it drive me to continue her legacy and be a positive force in the world. Needless to say, I chose the latter, and overcame her death with the support of my family, close friends, and the arts.

When I arrived to college, I signed up to be the photographer for my school newspaper. Although I began with zero photography experience, within 6 months I was the head of photography. Alas, my true passion had begun revealing itself to the world. I spent the majority of my college years studying photography under one of Ansel Adams' long time students, Dr. Mark Kirschner. I graduated with my Bachelor's in Psychology and my minor in Photography and moved back to my home of Ventura County where I established Mori Lu Photography with my old partner, Jeannette. After 2 years working together, we decided to part ways and I moved on to create Amori Photography and Amori Weddings. Today, I have been recognized as one of the top wedding and portrait photographers in Ventura County, with features on NBC, and I have been published internationally on multiple occasions. Every single day, my story continues to unfold.

I can't wait for you to be a part of it :)

- Andrew Mori, Owner / Photographer