September 10th, 2016


So the story behind this one dates back to 2014 when I photographed Monique and Joey's wedding in Cancun, Mexico. I met Kenny since he was one of the groomsmen in their wedding, and we instantly clicked. He had mentioned that one day when he proposed to his girlfriend, that he would be hiring me to shoot his wedding because of how creative I was and how I didn't seem to miss a shot. Not to mention, we had a blast getting our drink on!

Now fast forward to a few years later, I get an email from Kristen, who was engaged to Connor. I was under the impression that they just found me when they searched google or something. As I got around to it, I discovered that Kristen's sister Lauren had referred her to me. I didn't know who Lauren was at first, but when I arrived to their wedding and saw none other than Kenny, I made the connection! Kenny is engaged to Lauren, who's sister's wedding was the one I was shooting!

The location was just beautiful- a beautiful mansion in Santa Barbara, California, looking down on the ocean from the mountainside. I'm ecstatic with how beautiful Kristen and Connor's wedding was, as well as how much fun everyone had at their wedding!

Great friends, great times, great memories! Captured by Amori Weddings :s)

Kampai, Salud, Cheers!